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Sex videos caya diaphragma pearl index

sex videos caya diaphragma pearl index

, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms - no prescription, doctor's visit or fitting necessary! Select Two (2) Caya Diaphragms (same user) plus two (2) Caya gels select 225. The user is responsible for any damage that may result from the use of silicone-based lubricants. The contoured diaphragm design is easy to use and offers discreet contraceptive protection. The Caya Diaphragm is designed to fit most women and you do not need a prescription or to be fitted. Caya is an ISO 13485: 2010 CE certified medical device. With a prescription, you can receive the Caya Diaphragm through a medical office, clinic or pick up at a pharmacy. The solid rim of the Caya safely covers the cervix.

Caya was developed as the silcs diaphragm in a user-centred design process incorporating input from women, their partners, and providers. Order Caya Diaphragm Gel Natural Vegan Contraceptive Gel - 60ml Tube A Natural Spermicide Alternative, Free Of Nonoxynol 9 That Dramatically Reduces The Chance Of Irritation. We reserve the right to require prepayment. THE GEL IS available. Magnetic resonance imaging of silcs diaphragm: anatomical consideration and corroboration with a clinical fit.

Caya -Safety, ease of use and comfort have been proven in clinical studies. It's an Instantly Reversible Contraceptive. If you have been fitted for a size 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm, the Caya Diaphragm is suitable for you. Rim provides stability and helps guide the Caya deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge. Removal dome: allows for easy removal; a woman's finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device. Caya is a single-size contraceptive barrier device designed to fit a broad range of women.

Caya offers triple safety. CayaGel forms, by means of the cellulose (gel-forming agent an additional physical barrier in front of the cervix. The Pearl Index for diaphragms is comparable to that of natural rubber latex condoms for males.

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You or your doctor may contact the US distributor for more information on obtaining the Caya Diaphragm in the. Org at 10 centres in the US the reliability was examined: In 450 couples, the risk of pregnancy, safety, acceptance of the contraception method and fit were tested. 4 Schwartz JL, Weiner D, Lai JJ,. It's designed with women's anatomy in mind, in consultation with diaphragm users. Posted prices will BE honoured.

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Bondage Bilder Swingerclub: Bondage Fesselarten Sperma Caya Diaphragm, please consult a family planning clinic such as Planned Parenthood. FKK in Baden-W rttemberg, Germany - Naturist Directory Alleinerziehende Singles aus dem, ruhrgebiet online treffen With a prescription, you can receive the. Caya Diaphragm through a medical office, clinic or pick up at a pharmacy. You or your doctor may contact the US distributor for more information on obtaining the.

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IF YOU havs shipping address, please locats retailer nearest YOU. You can pick up the same day, or shop in person. To order Caya Gel alone, or multiples of the gel at deeper discounts, please go to /node/519 where you can also buy Contragel Green contraceptive gel compatible with water-based lubricants New research shows that silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with Caya diaphragms. If your doctor is not familiar with the Caya Diaphragm, please consult a family planning clinic such as Planned Parenthood. Please order here: 100 - Caya Diaphragm NO GEL (Make sure you have a contraceptive gel already on hand!) 120 - Caya Diaphragm Caya Diaphragm Contraceptive GEL and applicator discount select Two (2) Caya Diaphragms. The silicone sex videos caya diaphragma pearl index membrane acts as a mechanical barrier immediately in front of the cervix. You can carry it discretely with you for use only when you need. This feedback led to an innovative design that is easy and comfortable to use. Pregnancy is not an acceptable reason for return refund.

Sex Videos Caya Diaphragma Pearl Index

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Why Use The Caya Diaphragm? Note your application in the Comments with your order and I will apply a 25 discount on all natural contraception items. Minimum wholesale order IS 2 OR more OF each item. Grip dimples: orient the woman's fingers and provide a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim. How Does It Work and How Do You Use It? SEX COESFELD LESBEN SEX LECKEN

The Caya contoured diaphragm is easy to use and offers discreet contraceptive protection. Silcs diaphragm: postcoital testing of a new single-size contraceptive device. In a multicentric clinical trial by conrad4 ( nrad. Discounts can't be combined. MedIntim Is The Registered Manufacturer Of Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragms RDO Medical * No Fitting Necessary Means Diaphragm Usage Is Now Open To Those Without A Doctor Who Will Measure For The Correct Fit. Please call or email if you'd like to discuss alternatives to the Caya Diaphragm in the meantime. If you are having difficulty with your diaphragm or gel, please contact me for help as soon as possible. No method of contraception is 100 effective and the effectiveness of the Caya Diaphragm and Caya Gel depends on how diligently and correctly you use. It comes with a DVD and an Instruction Booklet in several languages. I cannot guarantee any date but will be the first to receive the Caya Diaphragm once it is back in Canada.

There has been no question of safety or efficacy - simply to do with a new regulation about the manufacturing facility audit. Backorders will BE filled THE same DAY THE item comes. Contraceptive efficacy, safety, and acceptability of silcs, a novel single-sized diaphragm used with contraceptive gel. Cervical cup: accommodates a range of cervical sizes. By placing this order you agree to the return policy: The unexpired product, complete, in an unopened and unused state in undamaged packaging, may be returned postage paid for a full refund through PayPal within 14 days of your receipt of the order. It's Totally Hormone Free. It's Health Canada and EU / CE 0470 Certified. This value is not the Pearl Index which defines method safety determined in the long term of use (cf.

Contraception 2007; 76: 238-244. Why Use A Diaphragm? US customers cannot order caya from canada! Diaphragms in clinical trials: is clinician fitting necessary? We also mail out the same day except for Sundays and Mondays when we are closed. with a 5 discount when ordered with the Caya Diaphragm or the Fem Cap. At the same time, this pH value has a positive effect on the vaginal fluid and offers protection from vaginal infections. It's a 100 Natural Contraceptive. You will require a prescription to order for delivery to a medical practice or pharmacy in the. Result: In case of correct application of the Caya diaphragm, the 12-month risk of pregnancy was found to amount.7.

Caya AND contragel contraceptive gels ARE available. I apologize for the wait. The innovative form and function of Caya were studied and tested in several independent studies14 in the. The only distributor in Canada tells me that it will be available again as soon as Health Canada issues a certificate. Wholesale: Please order multiples by the 1 (ex Quantity 5 of a single item, not quantity 1 of 5 items already discounted.) If you are a health practitioner, midwife, doula or retailer reselling these products, please email me including your. Diaphragms are a Great Option For Non-Hormonal Contraception During The Fertility Window. 1 Mauck C, Lai JJ, Schwartz J, Weiner D,. Caya Single Sized Diaphragms must Be Used With A Contraceptive Gel to effectively prevent pregnancy.

Health Canada, FDA and EU Approved: Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragm, no prescription or fitting needed. 2 Yang CC, Maravilla K, Kilbourne-Brook M, Austin G,. ALL contraception is in stock in the store. We do have the FemCap cervical cap in stock and you can learn more about it here: THE caya diaphragm IS temporarily unavailable IN canada. The manufacturer recommends that only water-based products be used as lubricants with the Caya diaphragm.

3 Schwartz J, Ballagh S, Creinin M,. Caya Gel has an acidic pH value.8, which deactivates sperm cells. Dissatisfaction or not fitting is not an acceptable reason for return refund. We do not sell the Caya Diaphragm to US customers because it is only available by prescription and there is a US distributor. Data not yet published. Please read before ordering, by placing an order for the Caya Diaphragm, you understand that it is on back order, and we will post your order the same day as the Caya Diaphragm is back in stock. Thanks, Tracey US customers cannot order caya from canada!

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